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Sabze (Sprout), Persian New Year 1396, Day 3

“Darn it” is the best way to start your blog post, no one ever said. But wait. I just did.

Darn it. Spring is here. It’s way too fragrant to be ignored and I am in love!So let’s analyze what you just read:

Darn it: A euphemism for feeling state of awe, but don’t get quite excited thinking there is an apocalypse. I am just overtly mindful of little things, so a cup of tea, two ants holding hands*, a raindrop on a leaf gets me there.

Spring is here: It really is here. We just passed spring equinox and it’s raining. Days are getting longer, and wherever you look there is a blossom of a sort.

It’s way too fragrant to be ignored: Isn’t it though? There is this little corner on SJSU campus when you walk past the Industrial Studies building that the blossoms drive you utterly insane with their fragrance. You just think that you are so high that you start thinking about checking with your doctor and see if any of this is legal.

And I am in love: Not a Shakespearean tragedy, nor a romantic comedy. Just that state of love that you don’t want to leave. And no, it’s not recent. I was born in love. In love with life, with it’s beauty, with people, with nature, with art, therapy, and with “love” itself. Having said all this it is too sacred for me to abuse the word. Not that kind of love that you say as pleasantry, the one that you say when you mean it, show it, feel it and receive it. Sometimes just a simple touch, look, and lack there of…

Breath. I mean it.**

* two ants holding hands: How can I tell? I just can.

** I mean it: I was facetiming my nephew, 2yrs old., and he was saying rather strongly: “I mean it.” Just that! Nothing before, or after. When asked what is it that you mean luv? There was no answer.