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4 months & 27 days & 15 hours

In Social Networking on February 13, 2012 at 4:57 am

The first 24 hours were the most trying. Your body aches. You feel the urge to go back to it. As if it calls up your name, but you are trying so hard not to turn your head. You begin to rethink your purpose of life. It is affecting every inch of your existence. You feel your head is heavy. Your heart pounds and it certainly does not feel normal.

After a month, you start having fewer headaches and seem to have normal schedule. another month passes and you actually can think without dependency. Nothing seems to be misplaced, wrongly put together or in disarray.

Legend has it that after the poisonous effects of addiction is out of your system, you can come back in moderation.

My name is M and I am 4 month, 27 days and 15 hours “Facebook sober”.