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“Women Who Refuse to Die”

In Film, Gender, Homage on July 13, 2012 at 3:55 am

This July is the 17th anniversary of Srebrenica Massacre. The massacre which was one of the most horrifying genocides of last century, the one in which almost 8,000 people were brutally murdered, mostly men and boys. The one who were killed are gone, but the pain of their departure is forever burning their loved ones, the women in their lives.

Mohamed Kenawi, from Domino Film Production Company in Italy is capturing a part of their story with his camera. “The women who refuse to die” is the name of his documentary which is currently on air in Al-Jazeera English. The story is a collective story which is told by a few women, the representatives of the female survivors of that horrifying war. It has powerfully portrayed the pain, the hope, and the strength of these survivors. Having gone through the unbearable situations and live through it everyday for the rest of their lives, they are examplary heroes for humankind.

Kenawi’s camera follows the women survivors while they are on their daily routine narrating their heartfelt stories. There are parts in which the viewers may ask themselves: Could I possibly imagine myself in their shoes and if so how I can possibly be able to handle it all? The film is filled with memorable sentences, thereare two closer to the endings that were among these strong narrations:

” I have a duty to continue fighting for justice, co-existence and for a way of life in which human dignity is respected, valued and defended…”

” If somebody would have told me before that I was going to survive the atrocities I went through, I wouldn’t have believed him. I’ve survived everything. I still speak about life…” 

Watch the promo here

This must see documentary is on Al-Jazeera English:

Thur 12 July 01:00 [GMT]
Fri 13 July 06:00 [GMT]
Sat 14 July 20:00 [GMT]
Sun 15 July 12:00 [GMT]
Mon 16 July 01:00 [GMT]
Tue 17 July 08:00 [GMT]