La Dolce Vita of…- Part 5

In Film on June 28, 2013 at 7:06 am

La Dolce Vita – Image 6

Another masterfully designed visual is where Marcello is taking his woman, Emma whom committed suicide in Marcello’s absence to the hospital (image 6). Marcello appears on the right side of the frame while Emma is fainted on the passengers’ seat. Emma’s faint presence in the scene visually, can be a reference to Marcello’s emotional bond to her. Marcello’s face is fearful: fear of losing Emma, or fear of being the reason behind her suicide; it is for the viewer to decide. In the next scene Marcello’s face is making a triangle with Emma’s motionless body and there is sorrow and pity to some degree (image 7). This triangle can be an indicator of Marcello’s love triangle.


La Dolce Vita – Image 7


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