La Dolce Vita of … – Part 4

In Film on November 27, 2012 at 5:09 am

La Dolce Vita – Image 4

In images four and five, Maddalena and Marcello merge together through the black of their clothes and background. In image four their hands are on a diagonal position from each other and both slightly closed. In image five Maddalena and Marcello are walking shoulder to shoulder with almost the same expression on their faces and same postures. Although they do not talk a great deal in the entire movie, these shots tell a lot. The repetition of body forms between these two characters as well as their connection through the dark shadow and black fabric as well as their hesitation to appear together in public are translating their relation to the audience. Among all the female figures who Marcello is involved with through the film, Maddalena stands out with her sophistication and elegance.

La Dolce Vita – Image 5

  1. do you know where to find these images in prints?

    • Thank you for showing interest in the images. I have taken these screen shots specifically for the purpose of this analysis. I believe you can find prints for some famous scenes in the movie online.

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