One day we are, another we aren’t

In chatter on July 17, 2012 at 9:31 pm

Although we know it’s true, it isn’t something we enjoy talking about. One day we’ll be gone, as if we never have been here. Sometimes we get a chance to know in advance…it seems that we have to get going, sort of permanently. It is the best if we have had an admirable track. In that case after our departure, others will remember us in a pleasant order. Not much seems to be important after that.

It is a must that we have “presence” at every minute of our lives, full heartedly, before departure. There would be no regret if we could live the life to the fullest and be productive during the time we are traveling this earth. It is also good to have some kind of remark for others to remember us by. It can be as simple as the way our smile looked like, the the way our hearts pounded at presence of some special people in our lives…

It is also a good idea to tell people what we may want as our last wish. It can be asking people to wear white instead of black at your funeral, or to bring us a single stem of red tulip, or things of that nature. It is also not a bad idea if someone with a good voice sings at our funeral, or a poet write us a poem (of course poetry is not something we can dictate! if people feel like it, they will write a line or two!).

Is it important what happens here on earth after we are gone? Not necessarily! But it is good to have a good feeling about it in advance!

May we all rest in peace, when the time comes…

Oh and before I forget, I prefer white to black at the funeral and appreciate red tulips! Please do sing for me if I have liked your voice, or write a line if you trully felt like it.


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