Tehranam*…scene one

In Travelogue on April 9, 2012 at 5:55 am

I never forget the essay I wrote in English class of mine about where my favorite place in the world is in the year 2000: Tehran.

My reasoning for it was quite obvious to me, but not so much to my Californian instructor. It took me more than a decade to learn she may have been right all along!

My strongest argument was that Tehran is my home town. She has overruled this as a reason immediately. I had gone to extreme poetics after the first argument, leaving her with no reason at all: ” I miss its streets, even though they may not be the brightest. Or this one: The traffic reminds me of it! Another one I remember was “missing getting intoxicated in its smoggy air…” and so on. I have also included a bit about the importance of the city both politically and historically, which did not help.

My instructor called me in and told me that I am breaking the boundaries, rules and logic in English writing. She mentioned that she loved the way I write, but I have to follow logic in her class and then write the way I do later on. It puzzled me; I asked her: If you like the way I write and I should write this way later, why am I not getting the best grade?! I really did not care about how I write as much as I cared about my GPA.

Years later, I finished school and went back to the place I described as my most beloved city: Tehran.

Either my Tehran was a lot more different from the way it used or what I had kept with me was figment of my imagination mixed with nostalgia. Recently I have explored it for several months. Hop on this chariot and fasten your seatbelts, I am taking you there.

* My Tehran


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