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Ballad in Berkeley: “Ballad of Tara”

In Film on April 20, 2012 at 3:54 am

Ballad of Tara* will be screened in University of Berkeley, in Berkeley California this Friday, April 20th, 2012.  Bahram Beyzaie directed this movie in 1979 under the atmosphere of revolution. The movie is Beyzaie’s sixth feature film and the one that did not get a permit to screen inside Iran.  The story is about a young widow with her two children who has inherited the sword of her ancestors. Although she does not want to stay the keeper of the sword, it seems that no man in the movie can be quite as capable as Tara for this responsibility.
It can be a reminder of this stanza in Hafez poetry: “The sky could not bear the responsibility, hence they picked me, the crazy one”. Ballad of Tara is the first among many of Beyzaie’s movies, such as Bashou, Maybe Some Other Time, and Rabid Killing, in which the leading character is a female. Through Beyzaie’s lens, these strong female characters are not superheroes. They are ordinary women with all the emotions and feelings and even fears. He does not idolize them, but portrays them in a light that most male screen-writers or directors have failed to do so.
Tara is representing a single mom who has mourned the passing of her husband.  Three main male figuresin the movie who play Tara’s opposit are: Ashoub, her late husband’s  brother, Ghlich, Tara’s neighbor and lastly a ghost of a historic man. They all love Tara, but their love translates differently. While Ashoub assumes to own the widow of his brother, Ghlich is trying his hardest to help Tara and communicate his feelings and intentions with her. The ghost of historic man however is a symbol of an eternal love. He falls head over heel in love with Tara, makes her love him in return, but chooses to leave Tara only to save her from joinging him by her death…

If you are around Berkely on Friday, do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the movie and meet Maestro Beyzaie.

* چریکه تارا