Simin joins Jalal

In Homage on March 10, 2012 at 12:43 am

Dear Simin,

If there was a list of perfect couples, somewhere on top of that list there would have been a place for the two of you. Among your many literary works, your rather short narrative “The dusk of Jalal” i.e. “Ghoroub-e Jalal”* is a marvelous narration of your life as a couple, from where it all started until the time that Jalal passed. Reading it time and again, one can feel living through all the feelings you had experienced: love, devotion, certainty, doubt, resilience, fragility and the loss.

Despite the popular belief, “strong” is not the one who never feels nor gets hurt. Strength is not just in moving mountains or breaking the unbreakable. Strong is what you’ve been and shown: emotional but not cowardly, firm to mend not to bend and loyal to Jalal and his memories.

Jalal’s early departure must have been devastating. Missing him for 42 long years, that is only 4 years short of Jalal’s age when he passed , but instead of mourning to fade you created masterpieces to keep him continuously proud. It’s been a long journey, but you’ve made it with out most brilliance.

You have given birth to masterpieces which are going to relive you and your legacy.

Salute…Lady of intellect. You will be an inspiration as long as your works travel the world of literature.





* Translated under the title: “The Loss of Jalal” by Maryam Mafi in a collection of Simin Daneshvar’s writings in the book: “Daneshvar’s Playhouse”


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