New Language

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2012 at 5:25 am

The little kid of 4 hears the sound of music and she gets excited on the spot. Then she listens carefully and looks puzzled: one eyebrow up, the other down.

– kid: Do you know the lyrics?

– Me: No.

– kid: Listen carefully and sing with it!

– Me: I cannot. I don’t know the language!

– kid: It sounds like Farsi!

– Me: It isn’t. it’s Turkish.

– kid: How do you know it is Turkish? Do you know Turkish?

– Me: No, but I know the sound of it!

– kid: Do you know the meaning?

– Me: No.

She doesn’t like the fact that we both do not know anything about this song. After contemplating a minute or two:

kid: Don’t worry, I am going to learn Turkish.

Me: How?

kid: After I finished English and Farsi, I am gonna learn Turkish!

Me: When are you gonna finish English and Farsi?

kid: When I grow up!

Me: Do you know anyone who knows Turkish?

kid: Nope, I don’t need anyone, I get the CD’s!

Me: What if you wanted to learn something else.

kid: I cannot, unless I know Turkish first….

Moral of the story:

Let your inner child blossom! Get Inspired…and act upon it. Today!


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