Personal Relationships

In Relationships on February 14, 2012 at 8:20 am

Yeap, what else you are expecting to see on Feb. 14th?

As I am browsing the land of online openings, I come across this one: “Photography Instructor” in an accredited university and I have all the “Desired Qualifications”.

Then again if it is too good to be true, it probably is. I look further and see “Additional Requirement”:

” A personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

These very words…nothing more, nothing less.  Whitney Houston’s last song on stage last Thursday echoes in my brain:

“Jesus loves me, oh yes he does…”

WWJD? We wouldn’t know…

* Image: “And Jesus Wept” statue located in National Memorial Center in Oklahoma City.

  1. ehem (clearing my throat) … What is the salary? I’m also on good terms with Jesus or at least I hope I am…
    Happy Valentine’s day sis…
    Wish you were here or I was there or someone was here… let’s not get philosophical. ok.

    • Ehem Back! Nice to see your note here sis! The salary must be good, but they don’t seem to find any candidates, therefore you have ample time to apply 😉
      I suggest you read the qualifications carefully before you apply though “being on good terms” is one thing “Personal Relationship” is a whole other ball game!
      p.s. And of course HVD 2 U 2…

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