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In chatter on February 21, 2012 at 5:33 am

Couple of months ago I was with a group of directors in Tehran International Short Film Festival. A passerby asked a director in the group where he was from. As a proud revolutionary he answered Egypt and showed the V sign. The passerby smirked and said: Poor people! The director looked at his facial expression and asked me about the meaning of the phrase. When I translated it for him, he was shocked:

– Do people like Mubarak here?

– No, don’t think so.

– Then why did he act like this?

– I think it’s the nature of the revolution. It is best to fix things before it gets to the point of revolution. If and when things get outta control, then “evolution” is needed before any “revolution” succeeds.

Our conversation about this ended there, but as the stories unfold in Arab countries after their revolutions, I think more than before:

If people of a country decide that revolution is the answer to their problem, they may need to think twice.

As appealing as the sound of a revolution maybe, the reality is far from it. Unless people change fundamentally, the corruption and corrupt don’t go anywhere, they stay. The faces of the opportunists may change, but problems persist.

Talk of revolution always reminds me of the communist revolution in Russia. When they overthrown Tsar, they were supposed to change the system.

The only thing that changed however was the look of the dictators. And history has tendancy to repeat itself…