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Sabze (Sprout), Persian New Year 1396, Day 3

“Darn it” is the best way to start your blog post, no one ever said. But wait. I just did.

Darn it. Spring is here. It’s way too fragrant to be ignored and I am in love!So let’s analyze what you just read:

Darn it: A euphemism for feeling state of awe, but don’t get quite excited thinking there is an apocalypse. I am just overtly mindful of little things, so a cup of tea, two ants holding hands*, a raindrop on a leaf gets me there.

Spring is here: It really is here. We just passed spring equinox and it’s raining. Days are getting longer, and wherever you look there is a blossom of a sort.

It’s way too fragrant to be ignored: Isn’t it though? There is this little corner on SJSU campus when you walk past the Industrial Studies building that the blossoms drive you utterly insane with their fragrance. You just think that you are so high that you start thinking about checking with your doctor and see if any of this is legal.

And I am in love: Not a Shakespearean tragedy, nor a romantic comedy. Just that state of love that you don’t want to leave. And no, it’s not recent. I was born in love. In love with life, with it’s beauty, with people, with nature, with art, therapy, and with “love” itself. Having said all this it is too sacred for me to abuse the word. Not that kind of love that you say as pleasantry, the one that you say when you mean it, show it, feel it and receive it. Sometimes just a simple touch, look, and lack there of…

Breath. I mean it.**

* two ants holding hands: How can I tell? I just can.

** I mean it: I was facetiming my nephew, 2yrs old., and he was saying rather strongly: “I mean it.” Just that! Nothing before, or after. When asked what is it that you mean luv? There was no answer.




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This year’s Sabze (sprout) and a tiny Seeb (apple) from “7 Seen”

Spring is stealing my heart, soul and existence…That being in harmony with what you see and what you hear. I am typing as if the keyboard is my piano, as I am listening to Lachini’s Golden Autumn! You might say ironic, but it is not. The keyboard, the nostalgia and the Norouz (aka Nowruz, Persian New Year). Flowers on the table, blossoms when I look out the window, it seems that the music is coming out of my keyboard. This is the ultimate harmony. Living the fantasy however for a fraction of an hour. Golden Autumn ended, and my smart radio understands my soul, and the gift is McLaughlin’s “New Light”. Here as I long for my Piano sitting lonely in Tehran, I type and try to remember what Mrs. Choubak, my piano teacher used to say: don’t drop your fingers, back straight, do not drop your wrist. What am I doing? I have to “study”, what I have done as long as I remember. I will get to it, as long as I can take a break to be in tune with my surroundings and feel the freshness in the air and maybe a little bit of meditation to tap into some peace. Are you kidding me radio? Now it is Kevin Kern’s “Childhood Remembered” the picture on the album is a horse in the wind. Suddenly there comes cello, I slow down on the keyboard and my entire body becomes it. My soul is played and I look at the Sabze* by the window praying its speedy growth as we have less than a day to the actual equinox. Up next is Lachini’s Dilemma and I am back to reading another article and completing another discussion on Canvas.

Persian New Year’s Eve 1396.

La Dolce Vita of…- Part 5

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La Dolce Vita – Image 6

Another masterfully designed visual is where Marcello is taking his woman, Emma whom committed suicide in Marcello’s absence to the hospital (image 6). Marcello appears on the right side of the frame while Emma is fainted on the passengers’ seat. Emma’s faint presence in the scene visually, can be a reference to Marcello’s emotional bond to her. Marcello’s face is fearful: fear of losing Emma, or fear of being the reason behind her suicide; it is for the viewer to decide. In the next scene Marcello’s face is making a triangle with Emma’s motionless body and there is sorrow and pity to some degree (image 7). This triangle can be an indicator of Marcello’s love triangle.


La Dolce Vita – Image 7